Computing Software Innovations - Intellidact<sup>®</sup>

About CSI

The Leader in Redaction Technology

Recognizing many years ago the alarming increase in incidents of identity theft and fraud as sensitive information was becoming more and more accessible via the Internet and through laws like the Freedom of Information Act, Computing System Innovations created Intellidact® to help clients combat these challenges.

Today, CSI and its robust Intellidact® suite have years of proven experience and hands-on deployment in rapid, accurate redaction processing and validation of large quantities of documents for local, state and federal government agencies. Intellidact® leads the industry and is protecting the identities of one in five Americans through the Intellidact® technology suite.

By staying informed of legislative changes and taking a proactive, rather than reactive stance on issues that impact clients, CSI continues to have the vision necessary to bring the best technology solutions to bear to meet the growing challenge of balancing the protection of sensitive information, while ensuring information access as the laws demand.

Intellidact®/CSI Fast Facts

  • Intellidact® launched to market in 2004

  • Over 2.5 billion images processed to date

  • Successfully processed America’s first automated redaction project —7 million images in 7 weeks at 99.7% accuracy

  • Successfully processed America’s largest automated redaction project to date —110 million images

  • CSI awarded “Inc. 5000 Company” 2010 and 2011

  • Only redaction solution provider to win state-wide contracts

  • Received perfect accuracy scores for redaction processing