Computing Software Innovations - Intellidact<sup>®</sup>

Unprecedented Accuracy

Through hundreds of man hours in proven, real-world environments and painstaking calculations, Intellidact® sets the benchmark in the redaction industry for accuracy. No other vendor comes close.

Our accuracy levels are based on measurable, statistically accurate results, applied in the real world. We use advanced technologies and processes that allow us to deliver redacted images at rates that far exceed our competitors. In fact, we are so confident that our levels of accuracy are 99.5% or greater, that we contractually guarantee it for our clients. Additionally, Intellidact® is the only solution that provides built-in functionality that enables clients to easily validate and reliably endorse their accuracy rates.

Intellidact's accuracy levels have also won multiple awards at both the regional and national levels in head-to-head competitions with other redaction software vendors. Most recently, Intellidact® was the only solution that had perfect accuracy scores in both offsite and onsite redaction processing for recorder documents required by the State of California. Intellidact® also won three other major national competitions for San Diego County, California; the State of Iowa, and Virginia Supreme Court, all based upon accuracy, ease of use, and a detailed cost benefit analysis.

Taking that unprecedented level of accuracy to even further heights is our Intellidact® 3D™ process. Until Intellidact®, the redaction process has historically been two dimensional, consisting of automated processing, then manual verification. We know that humans make mistakes. That’s why with the launch of our 3D processing capabilities, Intellidact® added an entire new dimension to further identify and correct human mistakes by providing an additional layer of validation. Intellidact® 3D increased our accuracy rates from 99.5% to greater than 99.95%. This seemingly fractional increase resulting from Intellidact® 3D can easily save organizations that process high volumes of documents thousands—even millions—of dollars in time and labor costs.

Intellidact® Facts:

  • Proven 99.5% accuracy rate
  • Award-winning accuracy
  • 7 Times More Accurate than Any Other Redaction System
  • First, Largest, Fastest Redaction Projects in America—Powered by Intellidact®