Advanced Features

OCR/ICR & Voting - The Intelligence to Work Like You Do

The Intelligence to Work Like You Do

Intellidact’s® unsurpassed accuracy starts here! Unlike other character recognition processes, Intellidact consists of separate OCR and ICR engines, coupled with a voting engine. Voting takes the results of the separate OCR and ICR engines and compares them — in some cases eliminating an engine, in other instances combining them — to improve the results. Different from other solutions, Intellidact has no limit as to the number of engines that may be combined or used in the voting process, and can vary the ones used on each document type to handle even your most challenging conditions.

Tossed into the mix to improve results during OCR/ICR processing is field level image enhancement. Although it's a common practice to provide image enhancement for a total image, Intellidact is unique as it applies specific image enhancement processing at the individual field level when recognition results are not as desired. Intellidact’s ability to change image cleanup algorithms on the field level accommodates for changes in image quality or background noise as they are discovered within the image.

Intellidact’s OCR/ICR processing consistently produces high quality results with returned data having the least amount of substitution and reject characters present — even when data is hand printed. With our fanatical attention to detail, Intellidact behind the scenes technology provides you the highest level of recognized data irrelevant of document content, fonts, background, or creation source.



In dealing with challenging documents such as those digitized from microfilm, or those having stamps obscuring text, poor hand writing or even cursive script, Intellidact® engineers knew there had to be a better way to reliably identify these images. Solutions using simple character confidences from OCR recognized data produce non optimal results, allowing images containing privacy data to slip through, unrecognized and undetected. Consider just the instance where the image is complex and image data is discarded by the OCR engine without even being graded. Not a pleasant thought.

To reliably identify such problematic images, a new way of thinking was required, a way that did not rely upon OCR processing. If a human could see when an image had problems, why couldn’t the same be performed with software and applied to images. Well, Intellidact engineers thought the same and in the process invented Eyesight™ recognition. Eyesight treats an image as a human would, by performing topographical analysis on the raw image and never missing a single bit.

Eyesight grades and eliminates image objects that are problems, or routes the document for specialized processing and review if necessary. With Eyesight, it is not necessary to examine every single image to ensure that no data is missed in processing. Eyesight technology is one of many reasons behind Intellidact’s untouchable accuracy rate and least amount of manual validation.

Grid Processing - High Volumes Made Easy

High Volumes Made Easy

Intellidact® was designed from the ground up for enterprise volumes, lights out, turn it on and forget about it processing. Since technology to provide such had previously been available only in specialized computing centers, Intellidact engineers worked hard to bring highly scalable, 100% fault tolerant, self-healing processing within your reach. Intellidact’s compute grid, deployed to standard Intel/AMD servers or PCs, brings non-stop processing, automatic load balancing, and concurrent page processing to familiar equipment located in your computer room or in our private cloud. One grid, multiple applications, hundreds of millions of documents — not one lost or mis-processed document — guaranteed and with 2.5 billion pages and counting as our reference.

Future Proofing

Protect Your Technology Investment

To combat ongoing, ever-changing identity theft schemes and legislative mandates to prevent such crimes, Intellidact® engineers have invented powerful, forward-thinking technology called Future Proofing™. This advanced technology enables organizations to immediately redact information to satisfy current privacy laws, while simultaneously marking potential future changes within the documents — without having to incur lengthy or costly reprocessing efforts at a later date.

Intellidact Future Proofing lets you address current mandates, while reusing initial processing results to produce documents with additional redactions as requirements change in the future. All this without requiring extra storage for OCR processing results or cumbersome abstract files.

3D Redaction - The New Dimension in Redaction

The New Dimension in Redaction

Redaction processing using automated software and manual review of documents has traditionally been a two-dimensional process — until now. In their never-ending quest for perfection, Intellidact® engineers knew they could improve both the process and your results. Their invention, Intellidact 3D™, provides an important third dimension missing from traditional redaction processing. Simply stated, Intellidact 3D is the application of advanced software analytics to documents after manual validation.

This second set of eyes, powered by software and infallible memory, identifies and corrects mistakes made by humans, unlikely of being caught by humans, within seconds of the errors being made. For situations that require the utmost in accuracy and privacy protection, Intellidact 3D provides such, while at the same time reducing your total costs of ongoing processing.

Total Case

Effortless Redaction for an Entire Case

Accessing and redacting information from an entire compilation of documents has been a painstakingly slow, tedious, manual, and error-prone process — until now. With Intellidact® TotalCase™ technology, your organization simply defines a unique identifier, such as court case number, to identify compilations of documents, and TotalCase takes care of the rest.

When redactions are added (or removed) from newly-filed court documents, TotalCase examines all documents already existing for that case, adding or removing redactions as required to ensure document privacy and total case consistency. TotalCase also remembers what’s just been done and applies it to every document filed for that case in the future. Gone are the searching of existing documents, manual application of the new privacy information, making notation of what you’ve done, and most importantly remembering to do the same when new documents arrive for the case in the future. Whether you are using it within a court environment, or in a commercial enterprise, the cost and time savings of TotalCase redaction can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line.

Accuracy Alerts - Ensure Peak Performance

Ensure Peak Performance

You’re expecting all-star performance and we believe you shouldn’t have to run reports to find out if you’re getting it! Unique to Intellidact®, Accuracy Alerts™ are Intellidact’s proactive way to provide notification to members of your staff (and ours) if processing accuracy falls below pre-specified levels. Accuracy Alerts eliminate the requirement for staff running reports, analyzing data, meeting with users and contacting vendors to obtain results. You don’t need to do anything! Intellidact constantly monitors itself and provides automatic alerting of accuracy discrepancies assuring you that validation staff is always performing the least amount of work possible to achieve the highest levels of accuracy. Another time saving invention brought to you by our fanatical engineers in their quest to make your job easier.

Searchable PDF - Fast, Accurate, Reliable, Even for Difficult PDFs

Fast, Accurate, Reliable, Even for Difficult PDFs

The ability to search a PDF document for a particular identifier, phrase, word or other element clearly offers huge efficiency and productivity benefits to every organization. However, most conversions to searchable PDF yield less than desirable results due to weaknesses in the character recognition processes that convert scanned image data. But that is not the case with Intellidact®. Bringing the full force of the system’s advanced character recognition and text correction processes, on an Intellidact compute grid, allows Intellidact to rapidly and accurately transform any document into a high quality searchable PDF. Along the way Intellidact also provides you the ability to create both a redacted and non-redacted version, with the redacted document having privacy information completely removed from the text layer as well.