Computing Software Innovations - Intellidact<sup>®</sup>

Intelligent, Intuitive Data Extraction Capabilities

Make no mistake about it. CSI knows that Intellidact's superior data extraction capabilities—just like its superior redaction capabilities—are predicated on the advanced technology we built into Intellidact® that take place prior to the extraction or redaction phase. These complex “under-the-hood” capabilities are fully automated, and include everything from converting the scanned images to usable text, to enhancing the quality of the scanned documents, to properly classifying the document. It is this leading-edge technology that enables specific, targeted information within those documents to be redacted or extracted.

We invented every facet of this system, with nearly every industry “first” and accolade to show for it. Others may try to imitate it, and we’re flattered, but frankly, we are far ahead of the pack. And, they don’t come close to our advanced features, which we continue to add to the system. This is why Intellidact® can deliver near-perfect accuracy levels for both your extraction and redaction needs.

Here is a look at how that process works:

It starts with character recognition. Intellidact® converts the image data to usable text using four unique character recognition engines to convert image data. Optical character recognition (OCR) converts machine print, while intelligent character recognition engines (ICR) convert handprint. Intellidact® then “votes” on the results to produce the highest quality text from the image. Any data that falls outside of these two engines, goes through Intellidact's EyeSight™ engine, which acts almost like a human eye to “read” even the hardest-to-decipher data. Other capabilities in the system can “fix” poor quality images such as speckling and skewing. All of this eliminates the need to rescan documents, creating a far more efficient, streamlined workflow.

Next, Intellidact® automatically indexes, or classifies the document. For courts, this classification process is often called “docketing.” Within a land records office, it is called “indexing.” Regardless of the name, clerks of courts, land records managers, recorders and other staff members know the pain of having to perform these tasks manually. Instead of laborious manual intervention, Intellidact® classifies each document automatically by determining the correct document type, applies any document-specific rules for redaction and selects an appropriate code for filing the document. Intellidact's powerful technology turns formerly tedious and error prone processes into a fully automated, accurate and efficient workflow that integrates with your case management system.

After the classification process determines the document type, the image is ready for analysis to determine whether data requires extraction or redaction. The system uses highly sophisticated logic to locate fields and their values, based on text, labels, vertical and horizontal placement, pattern recognition, phrase context and dictionary look ups. In addition to custom logic that can be built into the system, Intellidact® includes out-of-the-box predefined logic developed with more than 30 man years of effort to deliver the highest levels of accuracy in the industry.

Intellidact® is then ready to validate the extracted (or redacted) data and the system can handle that in just one unified pass. Specifically, it can validate redactions, extracted case indexing data, and e-file acceptance at the same time. This consolidates three disparate validation efforts, saving an enormous amount of time for your staff.

All of these processes are happening automatically, behind the scenes, with no manual processes. Intellidact® is then able to redact or extract data critical or private information from your documents, with the final output being either a PDF text document or a TIFF image that is sanitized of all private, personal or sensitive information.

Intellidact® not only sets the bar for accuracy and efficiency, it also delivers peace of mind. Your organization can be confident that it is in full compliance with new privacy laws and protected from the risk of fraud and identity theft.