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Key Steps in the Intellidact® Redaction Process

Step 1: Recognize

Intellidact® converts the data that is in the form of images to usable text using four unique character recognition engines starting with optical character recognition (OCR) to convert machine print, and intelligent character recognition (ICR) to convert hand print information. The system then “votes” on the results from these two engines, producing the most accurate rendition of text from the image data. For text falling outside these two types of engines, Intellidact® deploys two more powerful CSI-developed engines—MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) and one for cursive script. The combination of these 4 engines gives Intellidact® an unsurpassed ability to locate and redact all data found on documents with consistency and the highest level of accuracy possible.

Step 2: Classify

Intellidact's next step is to classify the document. Intellidact® works just like a human, only thousands of times faster and with far fewer errors. The classification process is accomplished based on the content of the document, as well as the information context. Classification enables Intellidact® to determine the correct document type for each individual document being processed, and apply any specific user-defined redaction rules. This is critical in ensuring that documents that may be classified collectively as one type of document but contain sub-document types are all inspected and processed correctly, page by page.

Step 3: Identify

Once the document type is determined, the image is ready to be analyzed for sensitive data. Using highly sophisticated rules-based engines, Intellidact® locates fields and their values, based on a wide range of criteria, such as text, labels, vertical and horizontal displacement, pattern recognition, phrase context and dictionary look ups. For user convenience, Intellidact® includes pre-defined rules based on years of expertise and effort to provide the highest levels of accuracy possible, as well as to ensure compliance with current privacy regulations.

Step 4: Validate

Intellidact® is designed to automatically validate the redaction process based on pre-determined confidence levels to make this process easier and faster. Automatic validation minimizes human error and expedites the redaction process. Sophisticated algorithms are used during this phase to further heighten confidence levels and ensure that data recognition is accurate. If the system scores an image below a user-specified level, it is flagged for additional processing and color coded to reflect the level of confidence; low confidence level items are forced into a manual validation queue for human-assisted processing. The system is also designed to provide users with the ability to manually validate to accommodate specific workflow requirements, internal policies and procedures and other user-defined specifications. With advanced capabilities such as QuickDraw™, Dynamic Suggestion™, Signature Detection and RapidReview™, Intellidact® sets the standard and continues to make validation rapid and efficient.

Step 5: Automatic Redaction

Every step of Intellidact's multi-layered process leads to the most accurate redaction solution available today and in this step, the act of redacting the information from the document takes place. At this point, the system knows exactly where the information needs to be removed and does so by writing a non-removable black rectangle over the data.

Step 6: Output

The last step of this process produces either a TIFF or PDF document that is “sanitized” of any private information. Additionally, the sanitized version does not contain any coordinates or the redaction field zones that would enable some other software application to undo or “see” the redacted information.

"Using…Intellidact's unstructured data recognition process, we were able to redact information from our entire back file of 7 million records in six weeks and four days.”

Clerk of the Circuit Court for Marion County, Florida

Key Steps

Key Steps in the Intellidact<sup>®</sup> Redaction Process