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Intellidact® for Courts

Helping U.S. Courts Balance Privacy with Disclosure

Time, money and mandates. Local, state and federal courts are strapped for the first two, and feeling increasing pressure to comply with the latter. How can they continue to operate in a “do more with less” environment, while meeting increasingly stringent regulations to protect the private data contained within the documents they manage from fraud and identity theft? And how do they balance the fine line between privacy and disclosure?

These issues are very real. But they no longer have to be daunting. Intellidact® for Courts is the automated redaction solution that enables courts across the country to successfully meet every one of these challenges head on.

Intellidact provides the most cost-effective, high volume, highest accuracy redaction solution with the least amount of manual verification in the industry. Now, your staff can confidently and rapidly respond to information requests, knowing that private data is secure and protected against fraud and identity theft.

Now, court systems can capture new documents via scanning or electronic filing, automatically classify the document based on content, determine the correct system docket code, automate the data capture of appropriate information from the specified document type, and then negotiate with the existing case management system to automatically create new cases or docket existing ones. All with minimal human intervention.

Once the document is scanned and digitized, Intellidact's advanced redaction technology can then identify and remove sensitive fields of information. The system's character recognition engines can accurately read both hand written and machine printed information, enabling your organization to process hundreds of thousands of documents rapidly and accurately, with little to no manual verification. Intellidact's patent-pending technology locates unstructured data anywhere in a document and redacts whatever private information is specified, whether it be simple well-formed data such as social security, bank accounts, debit and credit card numbers, or more complex data that require associations such as minor children names and ages. Highly intuitive, the system can extract and redact in one pass, saving significant processing time and streamlining workflow. And in those cases when redaction is not enough, Intellidact for Courts provides the ability to seal the page, the document, or even the case based upon judicial rules in effect for particular jurisdictions.

“It used to take several days for a document received at the courthouse to be entered into our system as a case on record. But today, any document that enters these courts is imaged quickly and automatically redacted for personal information. This has proven to be an effective way of protecting our citizen’s privacy while reducing manual data entry.”

Clerk & Comptroller’s Office
Palm Beach County, Florida

Intellidact® for Courts
Key Features:

  • Highly accurate rules-based technology - no training required

  • TotalCase™ processing redacts across entire case

  • Complex court data redactions - specific to individual cases

  • Advanced name recognition technology

  • Obfuscate in addition to redact – protect privacy and preserve readability

  • Seal in addition to redact - pages, documents, or cases as required by the court

  • FutureProof™ - protects against changing privacy requirements