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Intellidact® for Ephesoft


Identity theft and fraud crimes continue to soar while organizations and individuals struggle to find effective ways to protect their personal information — the same information needed to steal identities and assume lives. The solution to this growing problem is CSI’s intelligent redaction technology, Intellidact.

The Intellidact solution is a paradigm shift away from other processes. In fact, it is altering people’s perception of redaction right before their very eyes. Intellidact’s patent-pending technology automatically locates unstructured data anywhere in a document, and redacts specified text without human intervention.

Intellidact employs sophisticated intelligence and unstructured data recognition technology to properly and consistently identify and sanitize documents and fields of interest, giving it the highest accuracy rating in the industry with the least amount of manual validation required.

This level of excellence is why Intellidact has successfully processed in excess of 6 Billion images nationwide for hundreds of customers, and currently protects the privacy of one in five Americans.


Intellidact for Ephesoft delivers America’s leading redaction technology, the Intellidact Enterprise Solution, in a seamless integration with the exclusive Ephesoft Smart Capture™ Scanning Solution.

The combination of Ephesoft’s Smart Capture with Intellidact delivers an effective automated solution that will quickly and accurately extract high quality digital images and information from documents, and then redact the sensitive information through Intellidact's powerful data recognition technology.

Intellidact for Ephesoft ships with dozens of pre-defined privacy rules that satisfy federal PII, PCI, and HIPAA privacy regulations that are 'out of the box' ready to secure all privacy information from the image and all metadata text layers.

The results are amazing. Intellidact and Ephesoft rapidly and accurately accomplish an otherwise monumental task, adding multiple layers of efficiency and cost-savings to your operation. We're not talking about some future strategy. It's being done right now, and for pennies a page.


Stage 1
  • Paper Scanning, File Import, File Upload and Email Inbox Monitoring
  • Page Processing
  • Document Assembler. Create, Classify & Separate Documents using Page Processing
  • Export Document Images and Metadata (PDF, TIFF and XML)
Stage 2

Scan workflow exported images are ingested by Intellidact for OCR/ICR/MICR/Cursive engine analytics. Redaction and Extraction rules are applied.

Stage 3

Validation staff has opportunity to add, change, and delete redactions and indexing values in a single document touch point. Intellidact document management (IDM) provides any necessary document routing to specific subject matter review experts.

Stage 4

Redacted Images are created and metadata is stored within Intellidact database including FutureProof values.

Stage 5

Images are sent to document management systems to store data and redacted images.

Intellidact® for Ephesoft
Key Features:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Ephesoft's workflow
  • Redact on capture, redact on demand from existing document libraries
  • Includes pre-defined redaction rules
  • Classify redaction with Future Proof™ technology
  • Obfuscate in addition to redact
  • Document-centric validation
  • Complete forensic auditing capabilities

Intellidact® for Ephesoft

  • Rapid deployment with proven technology
  • Infinitely scalable; process millions of pages per day
  • Selectable review levels for protected information
  • Minimal manual validation and highest accuracy
  • Preserve information context while protecting personal information
  • Provide public and private access to documents