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Intellidact® for Land Records

Faster, Effective Land Records Indexing with Intellidact®

Effectively managing increasing volumes of land records has become an enormous challenge for recorders’ offices, particularly within today’s volatile real estate climate. For every piece of land or property where ownership is changing hands, an enormous amount of paperwork is generated from title information to liens, mortgage and loan documents and more. As volumes increase, the instances of real estate fraud also increase. Today’s Recorders are stressed and overworked with both forward and back file redaction requirements. The answer is Intellidact® for Land Records.

Intellidact for Land Records eliminates the huge resource and labor costs associated with the indexing process, fully automating this task with the speed and accuracy only available through our patent-pending technology. Intellidact for Land Records quickly addresses backlog challenges from reductions in staff and workload increases, breaking the never-ending cycle of having an unmanageable backlog of documents to process. Our Land Records solution reduces data entry and classification errors, increasing efficiency and enabling your staff to properly allocate its resources toward other tasks.

Out of the box Intellidact for Land Records classifies the type of document by its content and then automatically locates data requiring indexing anywhere in the document. The located data is then extracted and made available to automate your document indexing processes. All accomplished automatically, without any manual data entry.

Intellidact's auto indexing and redaction processing takes place simultaneously, eliminating the need to perform dual passes to locate the indexing information and then the sensitive data to be redacted. Intellidact for Land Records saves time and money and increases the consistency and accuracy of your critical data.

Intellidact for Land Records interfaces seamlessly with most modern Land Records systems, and can process both Land Records and Court documents from different systems simultaneously, minimizing your investment in a complete enterprise privacy solution.

“In our selection process, we benchmarked Intellidact® on 3.5 million probate court records against technology used for our land records. We found Intellidact® was significantly more accurate in removal of privacy information on our court documents.”

Clerk and Comptroller
Pinellas County, Florida

Intellidact® for Land Records
Key Features:

  • Highly accurate rules-based technology - no training required

  • Automatic instrument classifications

  • Multi-page, multi-party, multi-legal description proven

  • Handles scanned or PRIA e-recorded documents

  • SingleClick™ data entry

  • Single pass indexing and redaction