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Intellidact® for SharePoint

Redaction Solutions for the SharePoint Environment

Intellidact® for SharePoint delivers today’s leading redaction technology within the Microsoft SharePoint environment. With the industry’s highest accuracy rates and most robust features and capabilities, Intellidact identifies and effortlessly removes private information located anywhere within your documents. The system provides a seamless solution that can redact information during any SharePoint document capture stage, within any SharePoint workflow or provide redaction on demand for a single document or an entire document library already stored within SharePoint repositories.

The system locates documents eligible or specified for redaction processing and automatically submits them to Intellidact's redaction engine. Through our unique grid approach, Intellidact can process thousands of documents simultaneously. Using our four advanced character recognition engines (ICR/OCR, MICR and cursive script), Intellidact's powerful unstructured data recognition technology rapidly locates user-specified privacy information for removal or replacement. Simultaneously, it identifies and classifies each element by data type, as well as grades each element by confidence level. Intellidact then creates a sanitized copy of the original document with private information removed, including all metadata. From there, the system automatically saves both the redacted and original documents and puts them into the appropriate SharePoint library. Intellidact provides full forensic auditing capabilities for each step of the process.

Intellidact® for SharePoint
Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with SharePoint

  • Redact on capture, on demand, within a workflow

  • Redact an entire library of documents

  • Automatically locate data to populate SharePoint columns

  • PII, PCI and HIPPA privacy compliance