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Intellidact® for e-Filing

Taking e-Filing to New Heights

While a paperless court system may have once seemed out into the future, more and more courts throughout the U.S. are adopting electronic filing for the dramatic benefits it delivers—reduction in paper volume and storage costs; elimination of courier and mailing costs; increased information access and immediacy; and improved workflow. Additionally, many court systems are reviewing the potential for revenue sharing, through public-private partnerships between the court and e-filing vendors, making e-filing an attractive mechanism for generating fee income as budgets continue to tighten.

Fully leveraging these benefits, Intellidact® for e-Filing takes e-filing to new heights by providing a solution that corrects e-portal data entry and document classification mistakes while at the same time applying your specific state document sanitization laws for all documents—before they ever hit the clerk’s desk.

Upon receipt of the electronic documents from an e-filing portal, Intellidact's advanced, patent-pending technology automatically locates unstructured data within the documents, captures required case filing data while redacting privacy information, all without human intervention, prior to the clerk of court receiving it. The system automatically compares the submitter’s data with the document type and flags any discrepancies for the clerk to review. When the documents arrive at the clerk’s office, they can clearly see the indexed information—including any redactions—and can simply accept or reject the filing, all with the push of a button.

Fully integrated with all major case management systems, Intellidact for e-Filing brings a completely new dimension in workflow productivity to processing of court documents.

“It used to take several days for a document received at the courthouse to be entered into our system as a case on record. But today, any document that enters these courts is imaged quickly and automatically redacted for personal information. This has proven to be an effective way of protecting our citizen’s privacy while reducing manual data entry.”

Clerk & Comptroller’s Office
Palm Beach County, Florida

Intellidact® for e-Filing
Key Features:

  • Real time e-filing arrival - no separate portal review

  • Single step e-filing acceptance & CMS data validations

  • Automatic correction of filer data entry errors - including docket codes

  • Document redaction, obfuscation and sealing - in compliance with state requirements

  • Automatic document stamping upon receipt