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Intellidact® for iRedact

Redaction On Demand — When and How You Need It

For many organizations, the need for a redaction solution may be critical to their business, but document volumes are simply not high enough or are too sporadic to justify the purchase of a dedicated in-house solution. Likewise, the pricing model for most service bureau redaction solutions is typically geared for organizations that generate substantial document volumes. Even desktop redaction solutions can be costly, and there is still considerable time and energy that must be invested to train staff on new software, yet they literally may only have the need to use it once a week, once a month, or even less frequently.

For organizations like these for whom redaction is important, but they only have an occasional need to redact a specific document or documents, we offer a highly reliable, accurate solution that will fit their budget called iRedact.

iRedact is a turnkey, on-demand redaction service from CSI that lets you upload documents for redaction to us through a secure portal. From there, our experts handle it all—from redaction to the validation process. You will have the confidence of knowing that your sensitive documents are being redacted by the full force of our sophisticated Intellidact® technology — the same technology used by local, state and federal government entities throughout the U.S. When your documents are complete and fully redacted in accordance with your criteria, we upload them back to you through the same portal. It’s that easy. There is no new infrastructure to implement, no software investment and no learning curve. And, it’s on your terms.

iRedact Benefits:

  • Zero setup to use

  • No learning curve

  • No infrastructure investment

  • Pay-as-you-go plan

  • Fulfills redaction need for organizations with low document volume

  • Powered by the industry’s leading redaction technology, Intellidact®