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The Vision to Lead, the Expertise to Deliver Results

The CSI leadership team is made up of dedicated experts that are not only highly knowledgeable in identity theft, security, image processing and unstructured data recognition technology, but in the case of some of our staff members, they were the leading pioneers in this industry. Highly sought-after speakers and panelists at key national and international industry events, the CSI team’s expertise is grounded in hands-on, real-world enterprise production experience and can claim the success that accompanied the first, the largest, and the fastest automated redaction project in the United States to date.

Henry Sal
President and Co-Founder

Since co-founding the company in 1986, Henry Sal Jr. has provided both the passion for innovation that fuels Intellidact® as the leading redaction software in the marketplace, and the visionary leadership to put CSI in the ranks of the country’s most prestigious growth organizations, such as when the company was recognized as an Inc. 5000 company for two consecutive years running.

With years of hands-on, advanced technology experience in all aspects of software development and system design, Henry has managed and participated on a wide range of highly complex IT projects for internationally-recognized companies such as Lockheed Martin, Nokia, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Heidelberg Eastern and Boeing. Henry also has extensive experience developing technology solutions within the public sector for U.S. state, local and federal governments, as well as for international governments such as West Berlin.

Prior to founding CSI, Henry worked as a technology consultant, where he leveraged his technology credentials to help clients including Ryder Truck, Ford Motor Company, the Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Office and Coulter Electronics with projects that ranged from managing their existing IT staffs, to developing customized software applications to solve key business challenges, as well as serving as their interim information systems director.

Henry earned degrees from both Rutgers University and New York University and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Computer Society.

Glen Johnson
Vice President and Co-Founder

Vice President and CSI co-founder Glen Johnson is the project architect behind the success of Intellidact® and has been with CSI since its inception more than 26 years ago. An industry-recognized expert in rule set development, with specializations in image classification, data location and redaction processing, Glen served as the dedicated project manager for the first automated redaction solution in United States. He is responsible for designing HPUX business productivity and performance tools which are currently in use on 20,000+ worldwide sites. He is also certified in Kofax Ascent Capture with Advanced Forms specialization. Prior to joining CSI, he spent 10 years with Texas Instruments Data Systems Group as the chief software architect for TI’s machine learning efforts on the Explorer System. Glen earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota.

Dean Hough
Director of Research

As CSI’s Director of Research, Dean Hough brings a wealth of experience to the company and is widely recognized throughout the industry as an image processing expert and the inventor of PC-based scanning technology. Leveraging his knowledge in scanning technology, document image management, image and forms processing, character recognition and handprint recognition, Dean has been instrumental in developing many of Intellidact's unique capabilities, including its signature detection processing capabilities, and the system’s visual image fingerprint technology which overcomes low quality, non OCR-capable images.

Prior to joining CSI, Dean was the co-founder of Kofax and the company’s Chief Technology Officer. There, he led the development of a wide range of Kofax solutions, including Kofax Adrenaline hardware; Kofax Image Controls; Kofax Ascent Capture; and Kofax Virtual Rescan image processing.

Prior to his 14-year tenure at Kofax, Dean served as Vice President of LaserFiche, an executive with FileNet and as an imaging consultant running his own consultant practice for clients throughout the U.S. Dean graduated with a BSEE from San Diego State.

“We are fortunate at Centre County….to be able to partner with CSI, one of the most experienced vendors and a leader in the document redaction business, to help us reduce the threat of identity theft for Centre County property owners.”

Centre County Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds