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  • Millions of archived Official Records and other electronic documents are available to the public, and thousands more are added every day. Intellidact® is CSI's solution for protecting private information within the contents of these documents.

    Intellidact's patent-pending technology automatically locates unstructured data, indexing it and redacting the specified data without human intervention.

    The results are amazing. You can process existing images, or use Intellidact® as part of a scanning workflow, to rapidly and accurately accomplish an otherwise monumental task.

    Intellidact® employs sophisticated intelligence to properly identify documents and fields of interest. Advanced character recognition engines then locate and vote on data eligible for Intellidact® to index and/or redact. After processing, a "clean" document is created and saved into an image repository or delivered to e-recording or e-filing systems.


    • Intelligent document recognition
    • Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured extraction
    • High-volume automated redaction
    • Rules-based
    • Handprint and machine text capable
    • Advanced automated indexing with field validation and quality control options
    • PRIA Compliant XML data output
    • Technology based records privacy compliance solution for FSS 119.07(6)(gg)(4) and AOSC04-04


    • Prevents identity theft and fraud
    • Removes human error and delays in creating public documents
    • Eliminates need for preidentification and manual processing of documents
    • Single in-house solution provides privacy compliance for archived and new documents
    • Standards based interface to modern Official Record and Case Management systems
    • Eliminates after the fact packaging and outsourced processing of documents




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