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Offsite Redaction Services

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With legislative mandates increasing, document workloads growing and budgets tightening, you need to do more with less. Depending on your organization’s current needs, you may be best served by choosing our proven Offsiste Redaction Services to meet pressing compliance requirements and protect the people you serve from identity theft and fraud.

Our Offsite Redaction Services offer the same intelligent redaction technology as Intellidact's full suite of capabilities and features, but in an offsite model that requires no hardware or IT infrastructure investment—nor any staff intervention. Your organization is able to leverage the years of expertise gained by our staff who will redact and validate U.S.-based data center, we maintain absolute control over the quality and security of your documents. Fully scalable, our processing center has the capacity to process in excess of more than 15 million images per week.

Unlike the typical redaction service bureau offerings, your staff does not have to perform any of the laborious, error-prone steps associated with exporting, transferring, tracking, receiving and importing images back and forth. We do that all for you. And our pricing model is designed as a “pay-as-you-go” model, so you only pay for the documents as they are processed, with an invoice sent once a month for just the cost of the documents you processed during that timeframe. With a fully accessible portal, you can monitor document volumes and charges any time. Our Offsite Redaction Services is scalable, proven, non-disruptive to your organization, low cost and requires virtually no staff intervention.

“We have worked with CSI previously through other projects and their sophisticated redaction engines have proven outstanding.”

FACC Director of Technology

Offsite Redaction Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment with proven technology
  • Eliminates licensing commitment
  • Quick scale up
  • No volume limitations
  • No changes to application software
  • No increase in staff workloads
  • Onshore services provided entirely by CSI staff to protect your data
  • No hardware or IT infrastructure investments
  • Virtual Attendant™ to monitor your records 24/7
  • Shadow Repository for mirrored offsite image storage