Computing Software Innovations - Intellidact<sup>®</sup>


Technology to Meet New Privacy Laws

With more than two billion images processed to date, Intellidact® delivers unmatched extraction and redaction solutions for both your back file and forward file needs, producing accurate, on time and on budget results.

The system’s patent-pending technology automatically locates unstructured data, indexes it and redacts specified data without human intervention. The system can easily and quickly process existing images or Intellidact® can be incorporated as part of a scanning workflow to rapidly and accurately accomplish what may otherwise be a monumental task.

Using sophisticated intelligence to properly identify documents and fields of interest, as well as advanced recognition engines that locate and “vote” on data eligible for indexing and/or redaction, Intellidact® seamlessly delivers a "clean" document which can then be created and saved into an image repository or delivered to e-recording or an e-filing systems.

Intellidact® will address your historical document redaction needs, provide the flexibility to address recently-recorded document redaction challenges, and jumpstart your indexing process.

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  • Highly accurate rules-based technology - no training required

  • Completly unstructured data recognition - finds information anywhere

  • High-volume automated redaction and data capture - one pass processing

  • Handprint, cursive and machine text capable

  • Real-time document classification

  • Least amount of manual validation

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Out-of-the box integration with leading application software solutions