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For many, the word “redaction” is not an everyday term. But they probably are familiar with the now antiquated “black magic marker” method of manually striking private information from a document. Clearly, this is not feasible in today’s online, electronic, automated world. So the ability for legal, government or business entities to permanently and automatically remove personal, private or sensitive information from documents has become increasingly vital in order to operate in today’s information-based society. Intellidact® provides for modern day document protections by:

  • Redaction - complete removal of the original data from both the image and text layers of a document
  • Encryption – altering the original data so that only authorized persons may view it
  • Obfuscation - substituting the original data to preserve privacy yet maintain context in reading – such as victims name being replaced by their initials

While laws such as “sunshine laws,” the Freedom of Information Act and Sarbanes Oxley were designed to provide more transparency to the public, these laws also created significant challenges for the custodians of such data—which are often local and state entities such as recorder of deeds and clerk of court offices throughout the U.S. The documents they maintain contain “personal identifying information”or “PII” —social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, date of birth, bank account and credit card numbers, the names of juveniles and other sensitive information. When this information gets into the wrong hands, it makes companies, government entities and the public highly vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, one of the fastest growing crimes on the planet. To combat this, stringent laws have been passed throughout the country that are mandating that PII information be redacted—again, permanently removed—from these documents before they are provided to an individual or entity requesting information.

Seemingly, today’s balancing act has come down to this—what is more important…access to public records? Or protecting the personal and private information contained within those records? The answer is both are equally important. And with advanced, automated redaction technology from Intellidact®, organizations no longer have to sacrifice one to gain the other. They can strike the perfect balance: ensure compliance, protect their citizens, preserve their reputation from breaches and confidently provide access to information.

"Using…Intellidact's unstructured data recognition process, we were able to redact information from our entire back file of 7 million records in six weeks and four days.”

Clerk of the Circuit Court for Marion County, Florida