Computing Software Innovations - Intellidact<sup>®</sup>


Skilled Professionals to Solve Your Business Challenges

CSI’s passion for creating great software like Intellidact® emanates from the desire to deliver game-changing solutions to meet our clients’ business challenges. Our suite of redaction solutions is proven nationwide in addressing real-world issues like fraud and identity theft, giving clients the horsepower they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

By leveraging our advanced technology, CSI professionals are able to continue leading the industry in providing the solutions and services that enable our clients to respond quickly to market demands, increasing legislation and skyrocketing document volumes. Overall, our goal is to help your organization find the optimum balance between protecting the sensitive data for which you are the custodian, while still providing information access in a way that is highly automated, accurate and cost-effective.

“Intellidact® saves time and resources and increases our redaction accuracy. It also gives staff a well deserved sense of empowerment. Workers once labeled ‘data entry people’ are now trained, tech-savvy associates.”

Palm Beach County, Florida